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    The Inflatabarrel is very sturdy, using the same materials
    as inflatable stand-up paddle boards and military skiff boats. The edges
    of the Inflatabarrel will easily your hold body weight, feeling solid and

    Yes, it is outdoor-friendly and weather resistant. Shelter
    it from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures during winter.

    33.5 Inches wide x 43.5 inches tall (40 inches without the
    lid on) with a capacity of 300-400 liter. The Inflatabarrel is nice and roomy, and easily large enough for someone up too 6'4" and under 300 lbs.
    to be fully submerged to the neck.

    Max recommended pressure is 10 PSI. Takes 2-3 minutes with
    the included pump. It's normal to lose some air pressure over time!

    Yes! We designed our barrel with universal chiller water in
    and water out valves. Our fittings universally fit nearly all chiller tubing,
    and if they don't your chiller provider likely has fitting converters included.

    The chiller fittings are a standard 1/2 inch hose size.
    Some people also call this a standard ABS male water
    connection. This is the same size as your standard garden hose and will fit any water chiller. 

    Absolutely! It's durable enough to remain stationary while
    still offering portability options.

    sanitizerUsage & Cleaning

    The frequency of which the water should be changed depends
    on usage and water maintenance. With regular sanitation the water in the
    Inflatabarrel can last months without needing to be changed. It is recommended
    to drain and refill the Inflatabarrel at least every 3 months or as needed.

    We designed the Inflatabarrel to easily drain outdoors,
    simply open the valve! For indoors, just attached a garden hose to the bottom
    drain valve to empty!

    Yes! They make the Inflatabarrel even more refreshing and

    Yes, but check the load rating of your balcony before doing
    so to ensure that the balcony can handle the weight. Attach a garden hose to
    the nearest faucet to fill the Inflatabarrel and drain it by attaching a garden
    hose to the bottom drain. If you do not have access to a garden hose, simply
    use a bucket.

    The Inflatabarrel requires minimal maintenance. Change the
    water every four weeks - 2 months or as preferred. Use our Maintenance Pack to
    extend water cleanliness. Or clean the Inflatabarrel with your preferred soap
    or detergent.

    verified_userDelivery & Warranty

    Unfortunately we currently only ship to the contiguous
    United States

    We offer financing options at checkout — Afterpay — which allow you to complete your purchase in multiple interest-free installments. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about our financing options.

    Yes! All orders are carefully inspected, and shipped from our Florida warehouse.

    Every inflatabarrel is covered by a 12-month warranty.


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